Baileyville Christmas Trees

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Welcome to Baileyville Christmas Trees! 




Prices: (regardless of size)

Scotch Pine     $50.00

White Pine     $60.00

Balsam Fir    $70.00

Canaan Fir     $70.00

Douglas Fir     $70.00

Blue Spruce     $70.00

Fraser Fir     $80.00

Pre-cut Fraser / Balsam cross   $75.00

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What kind of trees do you have?

We offer Fraser, Balsam, Douglas, and Canaan Firs, Blue Spruce, White Pine and Scotch Pine and Pre-cut Fraser / Balsam hybrid

2. What are your prices?

Scotch Pine, $50.00

White Pine, $60.00

Balsam, Douglas, Canaan Fir, Blue Spruce $70.00

Fraser Fir $80.00

Pre-cut Fraser / Balsam cross   $75.00

3. How big are your trees?

Most of our trees are in the 6-9 foot range. We don't mark anything smaller than 6 ft. for sale and there may be a few taller than 9 or 10 ft, but they are limited.

4. What are your hours?

We open the day after Thanksgiving and are open Friday - Sunday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. We are usually only open 2 weekends, but that is subject to change, so watch this space or check our Facebook page for updated information. (Facebook/Baileyville Christmas Trees)

5. Do you take credit cards?

Yes, we accept cash, credit cards and local checks. (But cash is king!)

6. Can I bring my dog?

Yes! As long as it is on a leash and you clean up anything they leave behind.

7. Do you shake and wrap the trees?

Yes! We shake every tree and for an addition $1.50 will wrap it in netting for you.  We also carry it to your vehicle.  And we provide twine to tie it down on your car. (We cannot do the tying down for you, however - pesky insurance!)

8. Can I come out before Thanksgiving and tag a tree?

No, we can't allow anyone to come out before we open. (Wouldn't be fair to everyone else who waits.)  But rest assured we will have PLENTY of beautiful trees this year and you shouldn't have any trouble finding your perfect tree!

9. What else do you offer?

We also have beautiful handmade wreaths and garland. We have both decorated and plain wreaths. The garland is made from balsam fir and is $2.50 a foot.

We also offer complimentary hot cider and sugar cookies. And maybe banana bread if I get around to baking it before then.

We also make beautiful handmade barn quilts!  Prices are listed below and click the tab above for examples.

If there is anything I haven't covered here, please call or message me at one of the contacts listed below.

Located at 

200 South Pearl Street,

Baileyville, IL 61007 


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12" x 12"  - $35.00
18" x 18" - $50.00
24" x 24" - $75.00
3' x 3' - $175.00
4' x 4' - $250.00
6' x 6' - $500.00
8' x 8' - $750.00